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I must confess. This latest design is a selfish endeavor. You see I love wearing earring except I find most are uncomfortable. They stretch my earlobes, I have multiple piercings and I find to hard to wear all my piercing at once without feeling being dragged down. Lastly, I have a busy schedule, I don’t have time every morning to reinsert earrings. I say reinsert because I cannot sleep in earrings.

Until now. After trial and error, I created a light weight earring, that quite frankly I can hardly feel in my ears. I use light weight sterling silver, gold-filled metals and coming soon titanium. It is comfortable hypo allergenic and I love the simple delicate open circle design.

But what if I incorporated gemstone healing into these tiny incredibly sleeping earrings? Gemstones with meaning that help us navigate through our active and sleeping life. I wanted to create a sort of gemstone collection of these healing comfort earrings with the focus on one gemstone in each story, if you will, and incorporate complimentary healing gemstones to enhance the healing experience.

The possibilities are endless. These storied collections can be interchanged as you navigate through your journey and what you need to be the, best you.  I have always said, choose your gemstones not by what you are wearing but by how you feel.

Every gemstone has certain physical and metaphysical properties behind it. There are complimentary gemstones that enhance each other. I am bringing these into one place each as a story. A story that will grow and change with what you need, with your intentions set forth.

Each story comes with ten open circle earrings, in sterling silver, rose gold filled, gold filled and various gemstones, your intention gemstone(s) and your compatible gemstones, gemstone aids.

Each story will include instructions, history, and the meaning of your gemstone they’re and the meaning when in combination of each stone. How to wear them, style them.

Set your intent, find your story. Live your dreams, Share your story.