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The Choker Necklace - A brief history.

The choker necklace dates back thousands of years.  Beginning with the Sumer empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, the choker was used to protect the vulnerability of the neck. The choker crossed all cultures and lands. It was worn though out Africa, India, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Native America and South America.  The choker was worn for protection, wealth and power.

Anne Boleyn, Queen Victoria, Princess Alexandra signified their wealth and power by wearing   chokers adorned with pearls, precious and semi -precious stones.      

The choker has played a political role in history.  During the French revolution, French female expatriates and later women in England wore a red ribbon around their necks in solidarity for those who lost their lives to the guillotine.

A black ribbon worn around the neck during the 1800’s had the connotation associated with prostitutes until Princess Alexandra, adorner herself in layers of chokers. In turn, society ladies followed suite signifying their wealth.

The choker became the Feminine Symbol of Power for the American Women in the 1940’s. The choker reappeared in the free spirit late ‘60’s, the rebellion of the ‘70’s & ’90. It is more popular today.    

The choker is a personal preference. As a jewelry artist and lover of fashion, the choker is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I love the powerful and defiant look of multiple chokers in varying gemstones worn together.  Want to hide an aging neck?  Try layering several chokers.   There are many reasons as to why one wears a choker, but I think that we can all conclude; The choker is one of the most powerful statement pieces one can wear.