Letrek means the Journey- Inspire, Heal, Influence, Love, Shop , Create

One of a kind handcrafted and custom Jewelry  

About -Letrek Jewelry by Marcia Kertel Designs - Handcrafted Jewelry, One of A Kind Jewelry

Artist Statement:

Artist Bio Letrek Jewelry
I began handcrafting jewelry in 2010.  It was my love for fashion, gemstones, their meaning, and childhood years spent rock hounding that propelled me to start my business.  Letrek, my brand, is a play on words, it is my last name spelled backwards, and it also means the journey. The journey is to inspire, teach, heal, discover, travel, love, shop, create.   Letrek is handcrafted one of a kind jewelry using precious metals, precious and semi-precious gemstones.  My pieces are meant to be layered, interchanged, worn in unconventional ways (necklaces as belts, bracelets or anklets) Letrek Jewelry is meant to be played with, adding different stones according to trends and wearer, whether for fashion or gemstone meaning. I bring that one on one attention so the wearer knows they and their jewelry are special and unique Even small  changes to a design, like a stone, metal or length is meaningful to the wearer.  Letrek encompasses our everyday strides in life, moving us forward in our ever changing self and the world.
I am currently a one woman show, from this inception my mission is  to create a brand of hand crafted jewelry that makes the wearer feel special.  I strive to  give back to what is important me,  animal conservation, while still leaving  a small environmental footstep.  I use recycled precious metals; any scraps during my process are recycled back into metal refinery and given a new reusable life of wire and sheet.   I try to use as much raw natural stone when possible and as I grow you will see more and more raw natural stones incorporated in my work.  They say raw stones are the best for for healing, it is especially true when it comes to the environment.
  I believe everyone should be able to have custom handcrafted pieces that are as individual as themselves.  
Letrek....the journey begins....inspire, teach, heal, discover,  travel,  influence, love, shop, continue, create....embrace the journey.